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Hair Regrowth for Men

Men, you know how important it is to have great hair. Thinning hair makes you look older. A full head of healthy hair represents your virile image.

Yes! You really can re-grow your own hair. No transplants, no surgery. Forget about wigs. Put the hats away.

Hair Regrowth for Women

It’s estimated that 1 out of every 4 women suffer from Female Pattern Baldness. For most women, this begins to manifest around the time of menopause. As for younger women, hair loss can be caused by pregnancy, stress, and an imbalanced diet.

Yun Nam herbal hair treatments are designed with you in mind. Our unique formula helps regrow your own natural hair.

What Causes

Baldness in Men?

Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) is a genetic trait. It’s called Androgenetic Alopecia. It’s inherited from your family. If the men in your family are showing a bald spot on the crown, it’s likely you will too.

Yun Nam can’t change your genetic history, but it can help sufferers overcome their hair loss problems using effective herbal hair treatments. See the remarkable difference in just one treatment!

What Causes

Baldness in Women?

It’s not your fault. The perms don’t cause it, hairdryers don’t cause it. Brushing, teasing, and curling don’t cause your hair to fall out. Not even coloring, days in the sun, or any of the other things you do to enhance the beauty of your hair.

The true causes of hair-loss fall into three categories:

  • • Hereditary Hairloss
  • • Hormone surges or imbalances;
  • • Serious health issues